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Coastal Diaries. Day 2.

Day 2.
From Kovallam to Kanyakumari.
Last night, I can’t say I slept well but I woke up fresh. Is it the zest of the new venture or the weather of God’s own country can’t say, but felt great when we started.  We had breakfast at our hotel under the shades of coconut groves. I had little bit of idli chutney as I needed to taste it cause I like different types of chutneys and then I keep on experimenting them back home. After we left, halfway Vidula asked me to drive, mentally I was not prepared yet I agreed. I’ve tried my hand on several cars but never got a chance to drive a beast like Scorpion. Although, it turned out to be a great decision as I enjoyed the drive. Drove almost 50-60kms we reached by 1:00 p.m. at Kanyakumari.


Went directly to our hotel ‘Sivamurrgan‘ thanks to ShivKumar Arumugam one of my twitter friend who supported us with the sponsorship for accommodation during our Tamilnadu stay. Then we had Sapada for lunch at nearby restaurant.
We’re definitely in the mood of sightseeing while Vidula and Vanita planned to take rest. So we departed.
We took a ferry from the coast and went to the Vivekanand Memorial. That was a spectacular place to visit. It has one temple, one meditation hall and one large hall with a king size Vivekanand swami’s statue. And the sweet coincidence was today is Vivekanand jee’s Smruti din (Birthday).
Then the same ferry took us to towards the statue of the Tamil Poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar. The statue is a 133 feet (40.6 m) tall stone sculpture. Both the places are located at an island near Kanyakumari on the southernmost Coromandel Coast, where two seas and an ocean meet; the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean. This makes that place looks so picturesque.

Even the ferry ride was quite delightful. Everytime you enter you’ve to carry a life-jacket even though you won’t be wearing it later during the ride. There was a group of Rajasthani people, ladies wearing beautiful Ghagras and authentic Ghunghats and men were all protective type. They were adamant that all of them should tie the life-jacket so after trying for a while they asked one foreigner lady to assist and that lady was so generous she started helping each one of them with the buckling the jacket. And by the time the last person was buckled tightly the ferry reached its destination and everyone started laughing. That was really cute.

The statue of Thiruvalluvar was like an Indian version of Statue of liberty.
We walked two-three storeys and reached near the feet of that statue. It was almost the closing time so the security was asking people to hurry up.
We came back to the town and at a local shop had this sweet bonda I’d coffee and went towards Kanyakumari temple. On the way Prerna bought one mund (lungi) for her and I bought one for my Sumit. Later, Vidula and Vanita joined us and we went to this typical dhabha type food joint. There these girls had ‘Beef fry’ with ‘Parotha’ and some ‘Chicken curry’. Whereas, I had Dosa and chutney.
The evening was filled with hues of orange and red breathtaking skyline.
Sunsets and Sunrises of kanyakumari,
Where lot of tourists assembles at the shore to witness this breathtaking sight. With long stretches of sands of many hues, the beach offers a welcome change.

As someone already said this “Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under!” I experienced this at Kanyakumari.

Coastal Diaries. Day 1.

Day 1.
11- January
Mumbai to Trivandrum 🙂
I became a part of a road trip which includes travelling by Mahindra Scorpio 4×4. Initiated by Vidula Tade.
She planned a 28-day-long drive, approximately 5,000-kms expedition along the coast of the Indian Peninsula from Mumbai to Kolkata via Kanyakumari Starting on January 4 2015. Which includes a documentary on the life of some successful women we will be interviewing from every state we are visiting.
Young women of different age groups
became part of this exciting journey, joining in from different cities including me.
Vidula Tade, Sayali Pandhkar , Prerna Dangi, Subhadra Devi Leela and Vanita Kariappa started their journey from mumbai on 4 January 2015.
Two will be leaving after Trivandrum and I am joining them from there. later Sumati Madiman will also be part of the drive from Vijaywada. For east coast.
So that was the brief about this venture.

I will be starting my first leg of journey today from Mumbai.
I started my journey solo today.
Leaving my loved ones is a different and difficult decision after all.
Although, I’m sure this drive will turn into the most memorable trip of mine.
I’m pretty excited and equally worried about my 8yro daughter Keya.
I have never left her alone for such a long period of time. But then her courage and understanding is commendable which enriched my strength too.
My hubby Sumit and my daughter Keya came to drop me till Mumbai airport?
While waiting at the airport for my flight to take off I bought a gift for Vidula as its her birthday today.
I’ve been told that Prerna and Sayali will be coming and pick me.
Looking forward to start my exciting journey .
So yayy?


I reached Trivandrum airport around 7:00 p.m.
Sayali and Prerna were there. When I reached the place where we were suppose to stay I was welcomed by everyone. One of the lady was shaving her head which was a cultural shock for me. I was a bit taken back for a while and I thought I’m among some Hippies. The place was ok but the construction seems new. But despite of all these thoughts and things I came across I had a very clear vision and was ready to adapt anything and everything that is going to come along.
I gifted a diary, I’ve bought for Vidula and she gave me a friendship band that she recently bought for all of us.
We went out for shopping that night. As prerna was willingly to buy a lungi and rest of the girls already owned one. lungi but the lungi guy comes only in the morning. So she didn’t get any. Later, then we went to a restaurant they smoked had beer and we all eat. Even I tried Shandies i.e. Beer plus some soft drink I had it with thumsup. Which tasted good?
My second new experience after joining the trip. As I am from a very small town and even being in Pune for several years I am still a town girl somewhere.

Then we clicked some pics and roamed around the beach for few minutes.
I recorded the sound of waves.

Kovallam beach is so musical loved the tides and enjoyed the shor of shore:)