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Calmness In Chaos

Market yard or the farmer’s market is a place where you get to know some amazing things about life and liveliness. These people might not have the cleanest hands and their clothes may seem less than ordinary to us but they have the richness of affection and understanding of life.


You will experience the raw flow of emotions and well placed arguments. Some sounds will sooth while some might irritate you yet there is this deep serene calmness despite the chaos.


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Unpredictable Life.


.. He took few last puffs before entering the place.
They have asked him to sort everything in a week and come back for future treatment.

But, he knew that few days won’t be enough to sort everything he has ever dreamed of.
Thus, with a deep sigh he entered a chamber tagged as ‘Department of Cancer Diagnosis’.

A Magical Experience.


I felt the need for music that would match the rain outside. I started searching for the cassette that my old friend, a famous Psyche, gifted me recently.
It surprised me as it seemed that the songs were playing to my mood and the slumber crept in.
Today, drowned in sadness, I walked into my room with a need for some music that would calm me.
Played the same cassette and once again the songs were playing to match my mood but before the music could drown me, I realized that this time the songs were different.

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