A writer by profession. Being a full time responsible mother to 8 year old daughter Keya and a wonderful wife to Sumit, I find time to catch up with adventures in life and put my thoughts on various subject of social life.

Spectrum of life is what interests me. I capture those through my writing or through my lenses.


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2 thoughts on “Me

  1. Just gone through the entire blog. I enjoyed going through this beautiful journey and I can imagine what great experience it must have been for you.

    Noticed one thing, as the journey goes on and you keep updating your daily experiences, your narrative and writing keeps getting better and better. I would have loved to also read more about your interactions and kind of experinces you went through all the other participants as I guess you met them first time during the journey.

    Also would like to read about one more final post about the entire journey. What was your biggest take home experince, memorable incident etc.

    Hope you will keep writng about your other expeditions and travelling experinces as well.


    1. I will definitely write about it in the last post of this amazing experience.
      Thank you Hitesh for being part of the journey by reading about it. Yes, indeed it was an enthralling experience by far. I will be updating the next leg of my trip soon.
      God bless.

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