An Undeniable Claim

An undeniable claim.

At some point of life, you’re standing in a crowd-


Waiting for someone to come and say, ‘You belong to me’

Which you know you do.
It might seem..
You’re living a dream.


He being yours or being around is just an illusion.

And still you want to live that dream.
You wait for him to claim again.

To make you believe in his presence before you express your gratitude for this preciousness.

Your belief has been shattered countless times.

Your faith has been questioned always.

And now here he is, his presence makes you forget everything.

You walk few steps towards the ray of hope that claims to brighten your world.
Leaving every thought behind.

You embrace happiness over pain.

You embrace eternity over solitude.

You embrace love over everything unclaimed. 
~ Sejal Waghmare.

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