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An Undeniable Claim

An undeniable claim.

At some point of life, you’re standing in a crowd-


Waiting for someone to come and say, ‘You belong to me’

Which you know you do.
It might seem..
You’re living a dream.


He being yours or being around is just an illusion.

And still you want to live that dream.
You wait for him to claim again.

To make you believe in his presence before you express your gratitude for this preciousness.

Your belief has been shattered countless times.

Your faith has been questioned always.

And now here he is, his presence makes you forget everything.

You walk few steps towards the ray of hope that claims to brighten your world.
Leaving every thought behind.

You embrace happiness over pain.

You embrace eternity over solitude.

You embrace love over everything unclaimed. 
~ Sejal Waghmare.

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Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja is a festival that is dedicated to the worship of Sun god, Surya and Chhathi Maiya or Usha (The consort of Sun). Chhath Puja is performed to show gratitude towards the prime for sustaining life on earth Surya.

The term basically Chhath is named in reference to the sixth day of lunar fortnight of Kartik month.  Puja is celebrated six days after Diwali.

Lord Surya is considered the lord of energy and life force and is worship during the Chhath festival and to endorse prosperity, well being and progress. Worshipping of sun is a very old ritual in Hinduism as according to them Sun worship is related to the cure of range of diseases and is also believed that Sun worship help devotees to improve the immunity of body and provides the Solar Energy and empowers to control the secretion of hormones 

Thus, it is also said that the ritual of Chhath Puja provides mental calmness by helping in detoxification of body as well as mind. Even in the process of ageing to leprosy Chhath puja is considered as beneficial factor.

Chhath puja and its Rituals:
Chhath puja is is considered one of the most difficult festival. As Chhath Puja is celebrated over the period of four days that includes, Holy bathing, fasting, and abstaining from the drinking water, to preparing and offering prayer and commodity offerings too.

The first day is called ‘Nahai Khai’ that means bath and eat.

The worshippers of Chhath Puja mostly women wake up early in the morning take a dip in holy river Ganga or other similar sacred water bodies and carry some holy water to purify the house and surrounding. They use the water to cook Prasad (prayer offerings) and devotees consume the same later

On the second day of Chhath puja, the devotees fasts whole day and eats only in the evenings soon after sunset. Kheer (rice and milk pudding) is offered as Prasad to the devotees and worshippers.

On the third day of Chhath puja, the ritual continues of offering the food and consuming it later. The family members accompany the worshippers to the river bank, pond or common water body nearby. During the Chhath puja the traditional songs are sung by the women which reflects the culture, mythology and history of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
Also on the third day of Chhath Puja in some houses where shortly marriage or childbirth has taken place ‘Kosi‘ is celebrated by lightening the earthen lamps under a canopy of five sugarcane sticks.

The last day that is the Fourth day of Chhath  puja, is consider the most auspicious day. The worshippers of go to the river bank before sunrise in order to make the offering(Aragh) to the rising Sun and then the fast breaks with the offering of Prasad to Parvaitins and other friends and relatives visiting the houses of the devotees.

It all ends with a massive feast with the belief that Sun god will take care of their worries and will provide in good health, prosperity and Wellness.

Bolo Chhatthi Maiyya ki Jai

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Wah Taj

Wah Taj!!


p dir=”ltr”>At #TajVivanta had a great time yesterday evening. The food was no doubt amazing but the demanding me had a weird craving for #KadhiChawal and thus I asked the guy to confirm with their #Chef that can he cook  it for us as it wasn’t mentioned in the given menu. And to our surprise the chef agreed to it. And I had one of the best #KadhiChawal (Pakora Kadhi) of my life. Hatsoff to their hospitality. 🤘👌😊

Rest of the menu too was extremely delicious. Especially the scrumptious Blue-Berry-Cheese-Cake. 🙏😍


p dir=”ltr”>Later the Chef specially visited us to check whether we liked the food or not. Isn’t it spectacular!!


p dir=”ltr”>


p dir=”ltr”>~An extremely Satisfied Customer.


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Forbidden Fruit

Original sin was not the apple that Eve ate.

It was her belief that.. 

Adam needed to share precisely the thing she had tasted.
Similarly, we all need someone, we  share the same frequency with.

Someone with whom everything seems right.
Some people are really lucky to meet the one who is as weird as they are.

The one who might be different & still very compatible with you.
And some aren’t lucky enough.
Nonetheless, Love one another.

And try not to possess one another.
Cause, when obsession is involved,

It kills the essence of sacredness.
Let the love prevail.
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Women’s Day Celebration

This is how we celebrated International Women’s day on 8th March, 2017.

The NGO called ‘Sneh Foundation’, where I volunteer planned an event for women on women’s day, as our team works in various slum areas fighting against Malnutrition and providing them required food with balanced nutrients. Which includes expert team of Doctors as well. We invited those ladies for the event.

We arranged a program for these lovely Women @ Bhosari, PCMC area. In which we discussed about their perception about women as an individual and also took an oath, ‘we won’t tolerate any injustice against any women around us and not even on us.’

Later, we had a brief session on the changes the organization( ) has bought in their lives.

During that session, There was a girl, Reshma Pawar, mere 9-10yro old who told us that, how proud she of her mom, who despite of unsupportive In-Laws & Husband, takes immense effort for the good upbringing of Reshma & her 4 siblings.

A lady who is a mom of 5yro got emotional while sharing her story about her son and his growth. And ended up getting emotional about how grateful she feels for the people from Sneh foundation & Vatsalya team for providing require nutrients for her kid’s proper growth 

Also, a old yet Charming Aajee(GrandMother) who was a proud Mother-in-Law, who shares her Daughter-in-Law’s  work load. This Aajee(GrandMother) takes care of rest of the things like household chores & grandchildren as in her opinion, ‘A woman should always help another woman’. 

I can say, for me this event was one of the apt way to celebrate Women’s day.

P.S. For more information about Sneh please check,

How I celebrated My Valentine.

​Valentine’s day 2017

It was a mind blowing day.

Not just cus its a valentine day but also because, I went to ‘Inpsych fest 2017’, A 3 days seminar on various subjects related to Psychology. At Pune university, arranged by Dept. Of Psychology.

I went to first half yesterday and watched Screening of a psychology based movie, ‘The Machinist’, it is a 2004 psychological thriller film directed by Brad Anderson and written by Scott Kosar. Starring Christian Bale & Jennifer Jason Leigh. The film was about Trevor Reznik (Bale), a machinist whose insomnia and psychological problems lead to a serious workplace accident involving a co-worker. And how after Reznik is fired, he goes into a downward spiral of paranoia and delusion. Very well plotted and very well executed too.

Today’s day started with the talk on ‘Abnormal Psychology’ by Mr. Achyut Godbole & followed with Mrs. Nilambari Joshi who guided us about how studies on Human Psychology came into the picture starting from ancient time of treatment given to patients including shock therapy to now having long consulting sessions over patient’s mental state and curing them in a systematic manner. Nilambari Joshi guided us about how addiction leads to depression and also emphasised on not falling prey to mob mentality.

Later, Mrs. khushbu Shah spoke about Parapsychology. Which actually was a bit confusing session but her few aspects about hypnosis & hypnotism were intresting.

After lunch and had few amazing homemade stuffs (Boiled Berr n so..) shared by some psychology students from our group. 

I went to gift a bottle of ‘Blood’, its Valentine’s day after all. The bloid donation camp was organised by the fest people only.

Later in the evening we attended one more interesting seminar on ‘Non Violent Communication’ by Mrs. Reena Ginwala. Her points about empathetic and sympathetic behavior was really appreciative.

Over all it was an amazing experience to be there in a college campus after so many years, also last but not the least made few friends. Specially, I would love to mention about Nutan Jadhav, what a lovely girl. She had done Cynical Psychology. And now practicing as an Intern in Mumbai.

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My Mirage

As per the register, Shri will be six next week but he was sad. It is the same day Seema Didi, the matron of their orphanage is retiring. She consoled Shri by saying ‘look at that big moon. He will always be there with you whenever you’ll get scared at night’.
He believed her.
That day onwards he never felt alone. Till one night, when the moon failed to rise he stayed up the whole night and even the next day until the dusk; when he saw a lovely crescent shining in the sky.

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He sits with a pen and paper.

And with a blank mindset.

She writes him instead.

He is still holding the moment of togetherness and willing to draft.

She wants him to write more about their meet.

But, he summarizes it with ‘Looking forward to see you again, soon’

For him, She is like an unfinished draft of poem that he keeps editing again and again.

He reads it to her.

It is their own poetic way of being together.

She loves the way he sounds, whenever she thinks of him in silence.

The moment of calmness within them, blurs every other chaos around them.
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Words Are Beautiful

I write because to me, words are beautiful.

I stare at the blinking cursor hoping, to find the right words that will describe my thoughts, my feelings for you. It isn’t easy staying in one thought when thousands of words are in a mood to create chaos inside your mind. I was reminded on how truly amazing words can be, and how utterly important they are to who I am.

All I needed to do was breathe, and eventually the right words would have fallen right onto the screen.

I prefer words to be cosy like wool..

Wrapped around, providing the deserving warmth. That I always get with your presence.

I closed my eyes and inhaled the happiness shared around you. I felt you there and I started writing again.

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 Vigyan Ashram

As the name suggests its definitely a place that gives Ashray to various Scientific innovations and people who are interested in learning as well teaching about it.
Vigyan Ashram believes in use of Technology for increasing pace of development and increase productivity of their development efforts. 

It is located in small village ‘Pabal’.

Vigyan ashram is one of the place where it is believed in doing projects on ground and getting the experience of it while doing the work itself.
They incubate this idea and therefore they have Various courses in which the work is done directly on ground.

One of the course is called DBRT (Diploma In Basic Rural Technology)

The course is about lots of ‘Doing’ things in the areas of Agriculture , Engineering, Energy, Environment, Food processing etc. This is 1 year residential course conducted in Pabal village. 

Dr. Kalbag is said to be the one who initiated these projects initially. Around 1983. They have Various innovative products like Bull tractor, machines like dehusking machine, and a fab lab for experimenting about various changes required for crop cultivation and growth.

Also, the step farming and artificial pond where they are experimenting the development for fish growth is worth visiting.

A memorable trip with fellow Snehi.

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Also, check to more about Snehis.