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My Mirage


As per the register, Shri will be six next week but he was sad. It is the same day Seema Didi, the matron of their orphanage is retiring. She consoled Shri by saying ‘look at that big moon. He will always be there with you whenever you’ll get scared at night’.
He believed her.
That day onwards he never felt alone. Till one night, when the moon failed to rise he stayed up the whole night and even the next day until the dusk; when he saw a lovely crescent shining in the sky.

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He sits with a pen and paper.

And with a blank mindset.

She writes him instead.

He is still holding the moment of togetherness and willing to draft.

She wants him to write more about their meet.

But, he summarizes it with ‘Looking forward to see you again, soon’

For him, She is like an unfinished draft of poem that he keeps editing again and again.

He reads it to her.

It is their own poetic way of being together.

She loves the way he sounds, whenever she thinks of him in silence.

The moment of calmness within them, blurs every other chaos around them.
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Words Are Beautiful

I write because to me, words are beautiful.

I stare at the blinking cursor hoping, to find the right words that will describe my thoughts, my feelings for you. It isn’t easy staying in one thought when thousands of words are in a mood to create chaos inside your mind. I was reminded on how truly amazing words can be, and how utterly important they are to who I am.

All I needed to do was breathe, and eventually the right words would have fallen right onto the screen.

I prefer words to be cosy like wool..

Wrapped around, providing the deserving warmth. That I always get with your presence.

I closed my eyes and inhaled the happiness shared around you. I felt you there and I started writing again.

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 Vigyan Ashram

As the name suggests its definitely a place that gives Ashray to various Scientific innovations and people who are interested in learning as well teaching about it.
Vigyan Ashram believes in use of Technology for increasing pace of development and increase productivity of their development efforts. 

It is located in small village ‘Pabal’.

Vigyan ashram is one of the place where it is believed in doing projects on ground and getting the experience of it while doing the work itself.
They incubate this idea and therefore they have Various courses in which the work is done directly on ground.

One of the course is called DBRT (Diploma In Basic Rural Technology)

The course is about lots of ‘Doing’ things in the areas of Agriculture , Engineering, Energy, Environment, Food processing etc. This is 1 year residential course conducted in Pabal village. 

Dr. Kalbag is said to be the one who initiated these projects initially. Around 1983. They have Various innovative products like Bull tractor, machines like dehusking machine, and a fab lab for experimenting about various changes required for crop cultivation and growth.

Also, the step farming and artificial pond where they are experimenting the development for fish growth is worth visiting.

A memorable trip with fellow Snehi.

For more details, visit

Also, check to more about Snehis.

Mere Raddiwala


Ramanlal earned a lot before losing everything to circumstances.
Now he knows what he doesn’t want and knows what he wants.
So he buys what people don’t want and sells it to the needy ones.
The world might be unknown to his little world but he is the undisputed hero of it.
Mere Raddiwala or a Messiah in disguise.

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My Way And Not Highway


During Diwali we travelled to Chandrapur, my in-laws place. Surrounded by dense forest, Tadoba being the most ferocious one. Being an adventurous family, we drove around midnight into Tadoba; hoping to encounter some wildlife. Surrounded by darkness and following the light from our headlight we were driving through the silence and a certainty of being lost. My husband saw an old man sitting far away smoking his chillam. He stopped and asked him “How far is the Highway; baba?’ he smirked and replied ‘I’ve always been here but never saw any highway. Not even after” he paused “I Died”

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Cunning Me

A month ago when Shraadh month was about to end. None of my fellow beings seem to be worried because they are stuffed for now. People who are feeding us today will shoo us away tomorrow as soon as we peep through their kitchen window as if we have turned into black witches. 
Here comes a treat for me, the relatives of the old woman who died three years back, they think I’m her. Can’t they differentiate a Crow’s gender? Never mind, even I’m not going to touch the food unless I’m treated with some continental cuisines instead of the same old sabji-roti.


Ticket ? to Fantasy

They were strangers sitting next to each other in an almost empty theatre.
Their hands touched accidentally and her fantasies threw sparks.
She felt a drop of sweat running down her spine and shuddered on finding him staring at her.
She closed her eyes and he got his cue that he was waiting for. Started with kiss but lead to things that left her fantasies look like zilch.
He kissed her forehead and left.
She sat there, her thoughts echoing what just happened with a total stranger.
Unsure if all of this was just a figment of her imagination.


Calmness In Chaos

Market yard or the farmer’s market is a place where you get to know some amazing things about life and liveliness. These people might not have the cleanest hands and their clothes may seem less than ordinary to us but they have the richness of affection and understanding of life.


You will experience the raw flow of emotions and well placed arguments. Some sounds will sooth while some might irritate you yet there is this deep serene calmness despite the chaos.


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Unpredictable Life.


.. He took few last puffs before entering the place.
They have asked him to sort everything in a week and come back for future treatment.

But, he knew that few days won’t be enough to sort everything he has ever dreamed of.
Thus, with a deep sigh he entered a chamber tagged as ‘Department of Cancer Diagnosis’.