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How To Love You Less..

How to love you less..

Being around you is completeness in itself.

Ravage me again..
Make your presence felt.

I clung to your presence like an addiction.

The wait.. Its like an urge that needs satiation.

You’ve left so many uncertainties behind,
I’m still searching following those breadcrums.

I’m nothing but a storm..
That can consume you, devour you
Without your consent..
But, I chose not to.

All I ask is,
A talk when you feel low.
A walk with your blues.
Or maybe just an embrace of your unwritten words would do.

I have loved you more.. each passing day.
Ahh, I tasted forever..
Around you!!

An Undeniable Claim

An undeniable claim.

At some point of life, you’re standing in a crowd-


Waiting for someone to come and say, ‘You belong to me’

Which you know you do.
It might seem..
You’re living a dream.


He being yours or being around is just an illusion.

And still you want to live that dream.
You wait for him to claim again.

To make you believe in his presence before you express your gratitude for this preciousness.

Your belief has been shattered countless times.

Your faith has been questioned always.

And now here he is, his presence makes you forget everything.

You walk few steps towards the ray of hope that claims to brighten your world.
Leaving every thought behind.

You embrace happiness over pain.

You embrace eternity over solitude.

You embrace love over everything unclaimed. 
~ Sejal Waghmare.

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Forbidden Fruit

Original sin was not the apple that Eve ate.

It was her belief that.. 

Adam needed to share precisely the thing she had tasted.
Similarly, we all need someone, we  share the same frequency with.

Someone with whom everything seems right.
Some people are really lucky to meet the one who is as weird as they are.

The one who might be different & still very compatible with you.
And some aren’t lucky enough.
Nonetheless, Love one another.

And try not to possess one another.
Cause, when obsession is involved,

It kills the essence of sacredness.
Let the love prevail.
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He sits with a pen and paper.

And with a blank mindset.

She writes him instead.

He is still holding the moment of togetherness and willing to draft.

She wants him to write more about their meet.

But, he summarizes it with ‘Looking forward to see you again, soon’

For him, She is like an unfinished draft of poem that he keeps editing again and again.

He reads it to her.

It is their own poetic way of being together.

She loves the way he sounds, whenever she thinks of him in silence.

The moment of calmness within them, blurs every other chaos around them.
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Words Are Beautiful

I write because to me, words are beautiful.

I stare at the blinking cursor hoping, to find the right words that will describe my thoughts, my feelings for you. It isn’t easy staying in one thought when thousands of words are in a mood to create chaos inside your mind. I was reminded on how truly amazing words can be, and how utterly important they are to who I am.

All I needed to do was breathe, and eventually the right words would have fallen right onto the screen.

I prefer words to be cosy like wool..

Wrapped around, providing the deserving warmth. That I always get with your presence.

I closed my eyes and inhaled the happiness shared around you. I felt you there and I started writing again.

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You are the echo..
To my loneliness.

The sound..
       The gentle wind.

You are the soothing breeze..
      That eases the chaos within.

You are the Smile..
      Devouring all over me.

The confession..
      I’m Committed to.

You are the urge..
      That satiates my craving too.

You are the eternity for me.
You are my Muse.

I miss us.

I love to see love in your eyes
I crave for your handwritten letters
I like to nibble the inked finger of your.
I miss the smell of the dried ink in there..

I love to see the smiling eyes of yours.
The one that says that they belong to me.
I wait for you to laugh again on my silly jokes.
I miss those teary eyes after a hearty laugh.

I love to see my fingers locked in yours.
I fancy for those tickles in my palms.
I like the feel of a gentle touch of your fingertip.

I miss us.


Your Words..


Your words..

They mesmerizes me..
They reminds me of your presence.
They touches my soul..
They makes me believe in my being

Yours words
They heal me
They make me weak
They intrigues me
They make me calm
They brings us close
And take me away from the world.

Your words..

They mesmerizes me..
They reminds me of your presence.
They touches my soul..
They makes me believe in my being

Read me again..
For the sake of those unspoken words.

Write me again..
For the sake of all these #musings
That made you feel my presence.


Yes, they Matter.
When it comes from the right one.
Otherwise they are mere words.