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Long Weekend Short Trip

A Trek to Kheerganga from New Delhi

Planning a trek to Kheerganga from New Delhi? Then the best time to visit Kheerganga is May – June and Sept – Nov. Kheerganga in the Parvati Valley is a meadow at 2960m where Lord Shiva is said to have meditated for 3000 years. It is also said to be the ‘cheap and safer staircase to Heaven’ for the people who are looking for the perfect hideout from the city hustle and bustle. Starting from Delhi, you can reach Manali by private Volvo buses which would cost around 600-800₹ per head. After reaching Manali take a local bus to either Kasol or Manikaran. If you’re planning to stay in Kasol, there are various options available around like budget hotels, homestays and luxury hotels. Or else you can directly go to Manikaran, which would cost you approximately 120-150₹ from Manali.

Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib

About Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib, it is the centre for pilgrimage for Sikhs. The place is also famous for hot boiling Sulphur Springs. You can enjoy the hot bath and relish ‘Langar’ before starting your journey ahead. From Manikaran, you can take a local bus till Barshaini which would cost you around 70-80₹. The real trek starts from Barshini. The total trek is about 12km distance and it takes approximately 6 hours to reach the top of the hill. The last village before Kheerganga is Nathan. If you have started the trek around late afternoon and reached Nathan in the evening, it is recommended to spend the night at Nathan. As the trail is serene but it’s also quite dangerous for night trekking. The town has decent places to eat and also good hotels to spend the night, which costs around 100₹ per head.

Food on the way

After the night halt at Nathan, the trek next day will be more refreshing and charismatic. You will come across the tall, gigantic shades of Pine trees which when one walks through the trail, provides shade and cool breeze. So the trek becomes easier. On the way to Kheerganga, there are so many tea-stalls if you feel like stopping by for a quick bite. Even in Kheerganga you will find good affordable places to stay that cost around 80-100₹ for the bed on the sharing basis and approximately 200₹ for private rooms. You can save that by carrying your own tents and sleeping bags as there are beautiful meadows where you can pitch in you tents. And encounter the serene beauty of sleeping under the sky and star gazing experience.

Sulphur Spring

There are two pools with 24/7 flowing water of Sulphur spring in Kheerganga. One for men and a bit covered one for the women to take the bath. At first it scares you to death to even dip your toe but later, even the biting cold is forgotten once your body is in that sulphur heated water. It is also believed that the water has sacred healing properties.

There is one small temple of Lord Shiv and if you climb up a little more, there are caves where it is said that Lord Shiv and his son Kartik performed meditation. Next day plan your return journey to New Delhi accordingly so that you reach Barshini before the last bus leaves, that is around 5:00 pm else you have to spend the night at Barshini till you catch the next bus.

Things to keep in mind while trekking to Kheergana

Respect Nature

Watch your steps at the hot water spring as its very slippery

Carry a pair of slippers, water bottle, good pair of trekking shoes, sun block, sun glasses, torch and basic medicines


Delhi to Kasol: 520 Kms

Kasol to Barsaini: 40 Kms

Barsaini to Kheerganga: 12 Kms trek.

Wah Taj

Wah Taj!!


p dir=”ltr”>At #TajVivanta had a great time yesterday evening. The food was no doubt amazing but the demanding me had a weird craving for #KadhiChawal and thus I asked the guy to confirm with their #Chef that can he cook  it for us as it wasn’t mentioned in the given menu. And to our surprise the chef agreed to it. And I had one of the best #KadhiChawal (Pakora Kadhi) of my life. Hatsoff to their hospitality. ???

Rest of the menu too was extremely delicious. Especially the scrumptious Blue-Berry-Cheese-Cake. ??


p dir=”ltr”>Later the Chef specially visited us to check whether we liked the food or not. Isn’t it spectacular!!


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p dir=”ltr”>~An extremely Satisfied Customer.


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How I celebrated My Valentine.

​Valentine’s day 2017

It was a mind blowing day.

Not just cus its a valentine day but also because, I went to ‘Inpsych fest 2017’, A 3 days seminar on various subjects related to Psychology. At Pune university, arranged by Dept. Of Psychology.

I went to first half yesterday and watched Screening of a psychology based movie, ‘The Machinist’, it is a 2004 psychological thriller film directed by Brad Anderson and written by Scott Kosar. Starring Christian Bale & Jennifer Jason Leigh. The film was about Trevor Reznik (Bale), a machinist whose insomnia and psychological problems lead to a serious workplace accident involving a co-worker. And how after Reznik is fired, he goes into a downward spiral of paranoia and delusion. Very well plotted and very well executed too.

Today’s day started with the talk on ‘Abnormal Psychology’ by Mr. Achyut Godbole & followed with Mrs. Nilambari Joshi who guided us about how studies on Human Psychology came into the picture starting from ancient time of treatment given to patients including shock therapy to now having long consulting sessions over patient’s mental state and curing them in a systematic manner. Nilambari Joshi guided us about how addiction leads to depression and also emphasised on not falling prey to mob mentality.

Later, Mrs. khushbu Shah spoke about Parapsychology. Which actually was a bit confusing session but her few aspects about hypnosis & hypnotism were intresting.

After lunch and had few amazing homemade stuffs (Boiled Berr n so..) shared by some psychology students from our group. 

I went to gift a bottle of ‘Blood’, its Valentine’s day after all. The bloid donation camp was organised by the fest people only.

Later in the evening we attended one more interesting seminar on ‘Non Violent Communication’ by Mrs. Reena Ginwala. Her points about empathetic and sympathetic behavior was really appreciative.

Over all it was an amazing experience to be there in a college campus after so many years, also last but not the least made few friends. Specially, I would love to mention about Nutan Jadhav, what a lovely girl. She had done Cynical Psychology. And now practicing as an Intern in Mumbai.

Movie pic Source- Internet

 Vigyan Ashram

As the name suggests its definitely a place that gives Ashray to various Scientific innovations and people who are interested in learning as well teaching about it.
Vigyan Ashram believes in use of Technology for increasing pace of development and increase productivity of their development efforts. 

It is located in small village ‘Pabal’.

Vigyan ashram is one of the place where it is believed in doing projects on ground and getting the experience of it while doing the work itself.
They incubate this idea and therefore they have Various courses in which the work is done directly on ground.

One of the course is called DBRT (Diploma In Basic Rural Technology)

The course is about lots of ‘Doing’ things in the areas of Agriculture , Engineering, Energy, Environment, Food processing etc. This is 1 year residential course conducted in Pabal village. 

Dr. Kalbag is said to be the one who initiated these projects initially. Around 1983. They have Various innovative products like Bull tractor, machines like dehusking machine, and a fab lab for experimenting about various changes required for crop cultivation and growth.

Also, the step farming and artificial pond where they are experimenting the development for fish growth is worth visiting.

A memorable trip with fellow Snehi.

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