Coastal Diaries Day – 14

Day 14.


Jaganath Puri, Orissa
We hired a car for visiting places around Puri and had planned to go to Chilika Lake near Satpada. We hired a boat from there and started out boat trip around 10:00 which lasted till 4.p.m. The boat charges are pretty high there, call it monopoly or goongiri but that’s how it is. It was really an amazing experience. When we started out boar ride we saw some Dolphins . They were too far & too fast for my camera to capture or maybe they were not in the mood to come near us and pose they were maintaining the low profile and we as a good tourists behaved ourselves too.

On the way towards Sea Mouth we saw so many beautiful migrated birds enjoying their afternoon after-meal time sitting by the bamboo sticks placed everywhere within the lake.

Then we stopped by an Island parked our boat there (These parking the boat is really a very fascinating concept) we also saw so many sea creatures waiting to be cooked. And a guy with a basket full of shells with a real pearl in it I doubt how much real though. 

My co-travellers had live sea food. As in fresh Tiger Prawns and crabs recently caught from the water & specially cooked for them. I loved the sea on the other side of the island this was really an unique experience when you have a lake on one end and beautiful waves of Bay of Bengal on other.

After food we all were so drowsy but then still visited the ‘Chilika Visitor’s centre’ near the booking office, after coming back from boat ride. We reached back around 5:30-6:00 to Puri. Then all we did was enjoyed the sunset & just chilled out at the beach.

I’ve noticed that drivers here in Puri are really very arrogant and they have this irritating habit of honking after every few minutes despite the car is within the traffic or on the empty road. And also they give money to anyone and everyone who stops them. That can be some random bhaktjans who has arranged some pooja and collecting money from car drivers or a place that don’t seem like a toll booth nor they provide any receipt. Which is so weird.

Late that evening, We got our Mahindra Scorpio back from service station. Which was such a relief in so many aspects specially from wasting money on any such drivers.

As next day we had planned to goto Konark and Raghurajpur.

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