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I was waiting for my bus. Being 8 month pregnant, I am unable to control my mood swings lately.

I noticed a man sitting nearby. He was smoking, and staring at me. Which was enough for me to be judgmental towards him and I started passing comments.

He realized my agitation instantly, and tried to make a conversation which irritated me more.

‘Relax, let me explain’ he cleared his throat, and threw away the cigarette apologizing. ‘My wife and I were expecting our baby next month. But, just an hour ago I got to know that we lost him’.

I misjudged him.

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My Mirage


As per the register, Shri will be six next week but he was sad. It is the same day Seema Didi, the matron of their orphanage is retiring. She consoled Shri by saying ‘look at that big moon. He will always be there with you whenever you’ll get scared at night’.
He believed her.
That day onwards he never felt alone. Till one night, when the moon failed to rise he stayed up the whole night and even the next day until the dusk; when he saw a lovely crescent shining in the sky.

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