Women’s Day Celebration

This is how we celebrated International Women’s day on 8th March, 2017.

The NGO called ‘Sneh Foundation’, where I volunteer planned an event for women on women’s day, as our team works in various slum areas fighting against Malnutrition and providing them required food with balanced nutrients. Which includes expert team of Doctors as well. We invited those ladies for the event.

We arranged a program for these lovely Women @ Bhosari, PCMC area. In which we discussed about their perception about women as an individual and also took an oath, ‘we won’t tolerate any injustice against any women around us and not even on us.’

Later, we had a brief session on the changes the organization( www.snehfoundationindia.org ) has bought in their lives.

During that session, There was a girl, Reshma Pawar, mere 9-10yro old who told us that, how proud she of her mom, who despite of unsupportive In-Laws & Husband, takes immense effort for the good upbringing of Reshma & her 4 siblings.

A lady who is a mom of 5yro got emotional while sharing her story about her son and his growth. And ended up getting emotional about how grateful she feels for the people from Sneh foundation & Vatsalya team for providing require nutrients for her kid’s proper growth 

Also, a old yet Charming Aajee(GrandMother) who was a proud Mother-in-Law, who shares her Daughter-in-Law’s  work load. This Aajee(GrandMother) takes care of rest of the things like household chores & grandchildren as in her opinion, ‘A woman should always help another woman’. 

I can say, for me this event was one of the apt way to celebrate Women’s day.

P.S. For more information about Sneh please check, http://www.snehfoundationindia.org/

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